Cervical Cancer Coalition of Tennessee

Meet Navita

When the community was in need of a voice to speak out about cervical cancer, Navita Gunter answered that call. Stricken with cervical cancer herself several years ago, and finding little compassion and help, Navita made a vow to not let that happen to another woman.

Through her experience, the Cervical Cancer Coalition of Tennessee was born, a 501c3 community-based, non-profit organization that addresses the concerns and education surrounding H.P.V. ( Human Papillomavirus) and cervical cancer.

Navita volunteers on several cancer-related committee's. She is the chair of the Community Advocacy Board (C.A.B.); the co-chair of the Tennessee Cancer Coalition (TC2), a unique organization made up of several cancer coalitions throughout the state of Tennessee; the vice-chair of the Executive Committee of Tc2 (Tc2 is responsible for developing the registry report for the state of Tennesse. Navita has also become Vice-President of a newly formed 501c3 called the Cancer Consortium.

Navita's Own Story of Cervical Cancer

After giving the compelling presentation at a Survivor's Conference (shown in the following video), Navita was asked to go to Birmingham to do it again.

It is through Navita’s personal story that she reaches out to other women to offer hope and compassion and let them know that they will defeat this killer of women, especially women of color whose mortality rate is much higher than that of their Caucasian sisters. Navita’s dream is to see cervical cancer and the death and destruction that it brings into a woman’s life and her family become a thing of the past.

Navita has also written a book about her journey with cervical cancer called “The Day My Vagina Tried to Kill Me,” an honest, but humorous look at a very serious subject.